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Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

A wireless home network (Wireless Local Area Network, WLAN) ...

  • avoids the need for laying Ethernet cable between networked devices (eg PCs and modem/routers). If you don't want cable running over the carpet between devices, then using a wireless network is an alternative to getting an electrician to wire the house with cable under the floor or in the ceiling and in various wall cavities. (This would also require permission if you lived in rented accommodation.)

  • it's much easier to move laptops and PCs around the house since you're not tethered by any network cable.

Exactly what you need will depend on how many systems you want to connect and where they are located. You may prefer to buy a kit that includes all of the basic networking gear, but you can also buy the components separately and connect them. A basic wireless home network requires a broadband router, which connects your cable or DSL service to your network, a wireless access point (often integrated in the router), and a wireless adapter for each PC that you plan to connect to the network.