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Security & Firewalls

Security & Firewalls

We understand how important it is to protect your business online.

Our technicians aim at :

  • providing tools to help choose what employees are able to access online.

  • giving advice on safe web browsing. If youre honest with yourself, then you know that your business is just one click away from a serious and costly security incident.

  • you dont mind your employees checking their personal pages, but you cant have porn, gambling, or other unsuitable or questionable content show up on network servers.

What you can expect from a good filter software.

Ease of use - A good Internet Filtering Software needs to be easy to install, understand and use, with not much maintenance needed.

Feature Set - With hundreds of Internet Filtering Software programs around, we look for a number of avaliable key features.

  • email filtering
  • pop up block
  • chat room monitoring

While most filtering software offers an adequate default settings, employers should also be able to add or remove restrictions as they think is appropriate.